Ever been lost in a shopping mall or park? Even with a map and a directory, some of us might still have difficulties trying to maneuver our way in an unfamiliar and massive complex. In order to facilitate patrons, interactive maps are starting to get more common in such locations. This is where our Directory Wayfinder Solution comes in handy.

A Directory Wayfinder CMS helps with design and map routing on any directory layout. It is a functional solution that can be found anywhere in Singapore, from shopping malls to big scale exhibitions.

Our directory Wayfinder is an interactive directory software that can be used in conjunction with a compatible interactive display to help your patrons get around your complex with ease. It is a practical solution for shopping malls and exhibitions as visitors would be able to access information about various locations in the vicinity with just the touch of a finger. Simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly, this is definitely a must-have solution for every industry in Singapore.

Our directory Wayfinder has the following features:

  • Indoor positioning technology: shows the users all nearby facilities within the area and maps out the fastest and most efficient route when the users search for a specific location
  • Browsing option: allows users to look through the latest advertisements and news in the complex even at the screen saver mode
  • Utility: can be used in various locations and industries in Singapore - shopping malls, hospitals, theme parks, you name it!

For more information on our Directory Wayfinder Software, feel free to contact us as we aim to serve you and your customers better.

Choose our cutting-edge solution to improve human traffic and visitor experience today!