1. I am interested in digital signage, what are the options?
We have various types of digital signage suitable for different venues. These are well mount, ceiling mount, and floor standing type. If interactive signage is needed, then the device needs to be a touch screen type. Check our list of digital signage products for more options.

2. Can I rent or lease the product instead of buying?
Yes. Some of the products available for leasing or rental basis, namely for Advertising Floor Stand and 3D Hologram Device. Contact us from our enquiry box for more information on a specific product.

3. How do I manage or upload content to the digital signage?
Uploading and changing of content can be done remotely via our content management software(CMS) which is cloud-based. That means there is no need to physically manage the device to any updating or uploading. Just use any internet browser with your given user account and password. Training will be provided when you purchase our product.

4. What is Content Management Software(CMS)?
CMS is a built-in software in our digital signage that allows the user to update content remotely. You can also create a layout (split screen), scheduling, and some basic interactive content (touch screen).

5. Are there any warranty for your products?
Yes. All our products come with 1-2 years of warranty.

6. Do you provide design or programming service?
Yes. We provide graphic and 3D design, 3D motion animation, and basic touch screen content. Generally, we do not do programming as our CMS does not require any programming skills to use.

7. Do you provide installation services?
Yes. We do it for all our in-house products from Video Wall, LED Digital Panel to Wall Mounted Digital Signage.