Power up your brand with Hype-Tech Digital Solutions
Hype-Tech Advertising is a leading digital advertising solutions provider in Singapore that offers a wide range of products and modern solutions that are suitable for all companies and industries. Our digital advertising products include Advertising/Media Player, 3D and user-friendly systems.

With a long history of being in the 2D advertising industry, our team of highly skilled and experienced individuals is here to assist you in each of your advertising needs from traditional to digital media advertising. We prioritise your needs and aim to help with your business by giving you the most suitable solution that will meet your standards. We offer traditional 2D signages such as Neon Sign, Aluminium Lightbox, Acrylic Signage, Stainless Steel Signage, Snap Frame/Slim Lightbox, PVC Banner, Sticker Print & Installation, and of course customisation services that meet your specific requirements for your retail/ business growth and strategy.


Traditional Signage

A great signage makes a huge impact. Signages are the face of your business and it should be able to effectively reflect your brand and keep your audience interested in the products and services that your business has to offer. Our traditional signage products are made from various high-quality materials that are guaranteed to meet your requirements. From wooden signage to LED advertising display, we make everything possible! Can't find what you're looking for from our list? We also offer customised signages for your every business needs.

Interactive Digital Display

Create meaningful connections with your customers.With our Interactive Digital Display, you can start your own layout design without any programming and design skills required when you bundle one of our CMS software together. You can program our digital signage to play content on the screen whatever the time of the day. This service includes shopping mall wayfinder, menu designs, product showcases, and a whole lot more!

Advertising Media Player

Cut down the extra costs brought by static marketing and move on to a quicker way to show your present and potential customers what your business has in store for them. Update your content easier and faster with our advertising media player. We offer only high quality devices, big and small - from tabletop, retail shelf display, to advertising floor stands. No more printing, no more hassle.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be seen everywhere in Singapore, from shopping malls, hospitals, banks & retails shops. Truth is, digital signage is essential and cost effective for all business and organizations. We offer a wide range of products for general use such as home-use digital signage TV screens and for extensive and overnight use such as commercial grade screens.
Need help with content? Hype-TECH Advertising has a team of specialists to help you create and manage it.

Our intelligent digital signage solutions in Singapore also include:

• Data collection
• Data analysis
• Cloud-based digital signage
• Shopping mall directory
• Self-help kiosk
• System registration
• Mini dynamic games
• E-brochure display
• QR code registration
• Interactive signage
• Touch screen monitor
• Content creation
• & many more

Here at Hype-Tech Advertising, we are consistently finding the best digital advertising solutions to become your most trusted and preferred digital signage display and solutions provider in Singapore. For digital advertising made easier and better, choose Hype-TECH's products and services today!