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Hype-Tech Advertising is the key provider to both traditional and digital signage, a one stop solution for consumer needs.

We integrate comprehensive thinking with intensive research for your business model. Our Team dynamics consist of experience team leaders, visual thinkers and veteran designers who aim to deliver breath-taking physical and digitalised signage for you.

From conceptualization to execution, every aspect is done in-house. Our large format printer, laser cut machine and aluminium supplies are multifarious, rest assure there will be something befitted for your company.

We bundled both software and hardware to create the impact you seek. With modern technology, innovation is the key to your advertising success; bring on the attention with our software solutions.

Look no further, come bask in an unforgettable experience with us today, shine bright like a diamond online and offline.


At Hype-Tech, we “evolved” from the 2D advertising industry with solid years of experience stashed under our belt. As such, we have a dedicated team of specialists trained over the years in customised advertising solutions. Our mission is to assist you in choosing the right combination of advertising display elements for your specific business needs – and it doesn’t stop just there. We love our clients so much, we aim to build a lasting relationship with you. We are only completely happy when you are satisfied!

Why using modern advertising methods is important

In this competitive digital age, advertising has been more than crucial to obtain a competitive edge. With the introduction of online shopping, physical stores have now moved from the purpose of being a purchasing place to an experiential place. In order to appeal to the customers, brands now have to evoke the senses of the customers.