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1. Where are the products from?
Most of the products are assemble in China but the screen and component are from Samsung and LG. We source high and low all over the world attending trade shows and factories to ensure we buy from only quality manufacturer.

2. Can I rent the any of the products?
Some of our products are available for short term rental basis. Do check with our sales representative.

3. Are your products ready stocks?
For the smaller devices, we keep a good quantity of stocks. For the bigger devices, we need time to customise or indent in.

4. Do you provide design services or content creation?
Yes we do. We can create graphics or moving content depending on your requirement.

5. Are there any warranty for your products?
Definitely yes for most of the bigger devices. The warranty are usually for the motherboard and graphic cards but not the exterior shell.

6. Can I customised the hardware?
Everything is possible, do let us know of your idea. However, do note that for customisation there are usually a MOQ to fulfil.

7. What software or CMS do you provide?
We work with various software and CMS for different solution. We would definitely work out the best solution to go with your requirement.